Van Den Hul The Colibri-XCP Cartridge

Manufacturer : Van Del Hul
Model : The Colibri-XCP
Serial Number : NC2G181
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : N/A
Price New : £5000 ish

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Ex dealer demo. Unused since check up at VDH. BIG saving!

The VdH Colibri is one of the world’s best cartidges.The top model from renowned designer Mr A J Van den Hul and personally built by him, featuring matched crystal copper coils. By minimizing the total magnetic circuit the Weisz-domain modulation (magnetic) distortion has undergone a considerable decrease. No frontpole. Very short 3 mm solid Boron cantilever.

With a regular carbon-nylon body (P), total cartridge weight is 6 gram.