Project Debut 3 SE Turntable / Ortofon Super OM10 Cartridge


Manufacturer : Project / Ortofon
Model : Debut 3 SE / Super OM10
Serial Number : 4271
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : Manual / Bias Weight / Original Counterweight / Anti-skate Weight / Power Supply / Interconnects / Transport Bolt
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This Debut 3 Se is in great condition, with the addition of an eyecatching purple platter mat.  It has its original packing and comes with our usual warranty. Note: The finger lift has been angled down by the previous owner to help make sure it stays on your finger until you lower it onto the LP. Please take a look at our hi res images.

ProJect is highly regarded for their attention to design, and the ProJect Debut SE3 turntable is no exception. Using the traditional rectangular plinth design, the turntable is finished in a high-quality Piano Black finish, as found on many of Pro-Ject’s higher-end players.

However, it is within the improved mechanics that the Pro-Ject Debut SE3 really shows its advances. The deck boasts a new 12″ platter, compared to the standard 10″ on the original Debut III. There’s also the same arm as the original model, except it uses a better bearing set for improved performance. There is an upgraded motor employed in the Project Debut S E3 turntable, which benefits from a new suspension system – decoupling the motor from the plinth to reduce the transmission of unnecessary resonance. Similarly, the use of a new rounded belt with a smaller form factor allows for minimal contact area between the motor and the sub-platter. Finally, the Project Debut S/E3 employs a junction box on its underside, allowing users to upgrade their turntable interconnects, to suit their preferences.

Finally the Debut III SE is supplied with a pre-fitted Ortofon Super OM10. The Super OM10 uses the highly respected and long-standing Stylus 10, but it is mounted into an improved cartridge body, compared to the OM5e (as found on the standard ProJect Debut).