Parasound HCA2205a 5 channel Power Amplifier


Manufacturer : Parasound
Model : HCA2205a
Serial Number : 255186
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Another mega value John Curl designed line from the Parasound stable, offering 220wpc into 8 ohms – all 5 channels driven!

  • THX certified by Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • Independent power supplies for each channel
  • Modular circuit board layout
  • Massive encapsulated 2 kVA toroid power transformer
  • 30,000 uF power supply capacitance for each channel
  • Multiple polystyrene film bypass capacitors in power supply
  • Can be triggered on with an external DC source
  • Cascode Class A input stages with matched J-FET pairs
  • Hand-picked complementary transistors in high voltage driver stage
  • 8 complementary pairs of 15 ampere 60 MHz output transistors per channel
  • Output transistors direct-coupled to speakers without LRC networks
  • DC servo direct-coupled audio circuits with 0.8 Hz rolloff
  • High-bias Class A/AB operation
  • Gold-plated metal structure RCA input jacks
  • Multiple protection circuits, temperature sensors and silver-cadmium relay protection
  • Glass epoxy circuit boards, double-sided for precision