Graham Slee Solo SRGII Headphone Amplifier


Manufacturer : Graham Slee
Model : Solo SRGII
Serial Number : 0221-520
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : SM-PS Universal Power Supply
Price When New : £TBA

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A superb example of the MK2 (current) version SRG (Studio Reference Green) Headphone amplifier with standard energy saving PSU.

A deservedly award winning product which currently retails at just over £400. Yours, with warranty, for less than half price.


Headphone impedance range 16 to 600 Ohms preferred; 8 to 2,000 Ohms acceptable
Power output (rms, both channels fully driven) 32 Ohms: 27mW/channel; 600 Ohms: 23mW/channel
Distortion (THD plus noise, ref 1kHz) 0.02%
Frequency response (-3dB) 32 Ohms load: 27Hz – 35kHz; 600 Ohms load: 10Hz – 39kHz
Output noise (20Hz-20kHz, CCIR quasi-peak) -84dB
Input sensitivity (for specified power output) 32 Ohms: 250mV rms; 600 Ohms: 775mV rms
Channel balance better than 1dB, “9 to 3 o’clock” positions
Crosstalk Left to Right -57dB; Input to Input -68dB
Mute Signal off mute, non-shorting
Output Stage Bipolar class AB
Supply voltage 24V DC
Size (approx.) W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 185 (mm) inc. controls