Grado SR-225e Heaphones

Manufacturer : Grado
Model : SR-225e
Serial Number : N/A
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : Headphone Cable
Price When New : £TBA


Our ex display pair of SR225e headphones by US specialist Grado Labs.
Grado SR225e: Overview
Grado’s open-back on ear designs have won them plenty of plaudits, and the Grado SR225e headphones are another fine example. The Grado SR225e has many of the same features of the Grado SR125e headphones, including driver, cable and housing design. However, they offer numerous benefits over its little sibling, including increased rear air flow.

Alongside that air flow increase (up by 50%), there’s a larger ear cushion and closer matched drivers (within an incredible 0.05dB), which all work to create a sound that’s free from colourations, has a larger soundstage than their little brother and a tone which can only be described as classic Grado. If you loved the older Grado SR225i or Grado SR225 headphones, you’ll be blown away by the new Grado SR225e headset.

The Grado SR225e headphones are an open back on-ear headphone design, and comes with a 1/4 jack means that can be plugged in to any modern hi-fi system, and an included 3.5mm adapter means they’re equally comfortable on the go.