Dual CS 435-1 EV Automatic Black Turntable

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Manufacturer : Dual
Model : CS 435-1
Serial Number : 358930006
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : Mains Supply / Record Centre
Price When New :  £399

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An ex review Dual turntable which unlike 90% of modern decks will start playing at the flick of a switch. No need to worry about breaking your ‘needle’. Then at the end of the record, the arm lifts up and returns to the rest position. No need to remember or find it’s still thumping in the runout track along an hour or ten later!

This one also has the added advantage of a ‘phono stage’ built in meaning it can plug directly into any input labelled ‘line’ or ‘aux’ so no need to buy the usual additional box to go in between the deck and your Sonos piece for example.

In near mint condition but does have a tiny piece of the silver trim missing on the front right corner. Save a chunk as a result!