DNM Series 3/PS3 Pre, 2x PA1 Stereo Poweramps/PSUs

Manufacturer : DNM
Model : Preamplifier & PSU, Power Amplifiers & Power Supplies
Serial Number : 368212195, 5889012431 PA1, 589012531 pA1,
Packaging : N/A
Accessories Included : PSU Interconnects Built in, Manual
Price When New : £?

SKU: 368212195, 5889012531&2431 Category:

This listing is for a sought after DNM six pack amplification system with manual and interconnecting cables (not shown). Cables are one to go from the pre to the 2 powers (all Dins), and one stereo RCA to Din input cable. The set was configured at the factory so that each stereo power amp acts as a biamping monoblock as follows;

  1. Right output is Treble and Mid
  2. Left output is Bass

Actual left and right channel is as shown on the interconnect cable between Pre and Powers. The Poweramps themselves are identically set up so either can be used as the left or right amp just connect the cable as you wish.

It all works with quiet controls, is complete with Moving Coil input and is cosmetically very good noting the following:

  1. Most feet are non original and there are some light marks to the acrylic cases.
  2. The preamp has one or two more signifcant marks and two short cracks in the acrylic case – all on the underside.

DNM amps are reckoned to be some of the very best of their type but were expensive and therefore are quite rare on the used market.