Cyrus Pre2 DAC Pre Amplifier


Manufacturer : Cyrus
Model : Pre2 DAC
Serial Number : BU2FQ0096
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : Remote / Manual / Mains Cable
Price When New : £TBA

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Cyrus say….

Moving to a separate pre-amplifier and power amplifier offers another level of refinement to enthusiasts looking to upgrade from an integrated amplifier, or those looking to build a reference-grade system. A two-box set up enables the pre and power amplifiers to be run by separate power supplies resulting in a cleaner signal as the inductive effects of the large currents in the power amplifier are isolated from the sensitive components of the pre-amplifier.

The effect is astonishing. The experience is cleaner, more powerful and fantastically engaging. You will rediscover your collection with a whole new perspective on the performance. The Pre2 DAC is our first step on the pre-amplifier ladder.

This one is used but in excellent condition with new style remote and factory packing. Save nearly £1000 on the new price.