Cyrus 8XPd Amplifier


Manufacturer : Cyrus
Model : 8XPd
Serial Number : CALB0907
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : Remote / Manual / Mains Cable / BFA Plugs
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A superb example of this award winning amplifier with built in DAC sold with our usual warranty.

Combining Cyrus’ latest XP series preamplifier with a revised 2 x 70 watt power amplifier has resulted in the Cyrus 8 XP d integrated amplifier offering an unusually subtle and detailed sound. The Cyrus 8 XPd’s power amplifier section is powerful for almost any size listening room, producing bass instruments with strong and detailed confidence. Because the Cyrus 8XP d is based on the more exotic X series circuitry, the Cyrus 8XP delivers such a surprisingly sophisticated performance for its price point.

With the benefits of digital inputs the Cyrus 8XPd becomes not only a wonderfully rewarding hi-fi amplifier, able to improve many digital sources through its ‘Cyrus quality ‘DAC’s but more importantly its able to reproduce these digital sources to a high enough standard to satisfy experienced hi-fi fans. The Cyrus 8Xpd’s built in DAC is the latest in a long line of top quality Cyrus DAC designs able to upgrade the performance of any digital source. For those looking for even greater improvements would try looking at the ‘Cyrus 8XP d Qx’ which features a more advanced DAC module known as the Cyrus Qx DAC.

Via USB you can play digital from you laptop, PC or MAC through the Cyrus 8XP d’s built in high performance DAC’s. Uncompressed files sound best but anything that plays on your computer will sound better through the Cyrus 8XP d. You can even add remote control of your media with an iTouch or Logitech accessory.

Integrated amplifier rated at 2 x 70W/8ohm
Uses Cyrus XP derived preamp technology
User programmable input sensitivity and intelligent naming function for each input
Twin speaker outputs for bi-wiring
Pre-amp out for bi-amping
Six line inputs plus zone 2/tape monitor
5 digital inputs including USB slave input, 2 optical SPDIF, 2 co-axial SPDIF
Cyrus intuitive user interface via graphic LCD
Intelligent headphone facility
Microprocessor controlled digital protection system
MC-BUS master component
Integrates with AV Master to provide a two and 5.1 channel system
Factory upgradeable with Qx DAC card or to full Cyrus Pre XP d specification
PSX-R upgradeable