Castle Knight 4 Loudspeakers


Manufacturer : Castle
Model : Knight 4
Serial Number : 27000441
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Castle Knight Series is a five-strong loudspeaker range delivering real-wood veneers with unique cabinet technology for radiant performance.
The Knight 4 incorporates Castle’s proprietary TPT (Twin Pipe Technology) bass loading system, using the internal volume of the cabinet to extend bass response.

TPT is a new variation on transmission-line loading, delivering deep bass without the ‘boom’ that can result from traditional reflex-port loading.
In many loudspeaker designs, room modes are easily excited by forward- or rear-firing reflex ports, which can cause audible resonance at certain bass frequencies. Whilst this can give the impression of a powerful bass response, the resultant ‘boom’ masks other low frequencies, making bass sound slow and poorly defined. Instead, the TPT system utilises the internal volume of the cabinet to extend bass response, delivering a smooth and even result that augments the main bass driver’s output perfectly.

Further Cabinet Acoustic Technology
TPT couples the rear output of the bass drive unit to the air in the room via a column of air in the cabinet. This column is tuned to optimise the output of the bass unit at low frequencies in the same way that the air columns in a pipe organ transfer energy efficiently, so the listener feels, as well as hears, the low frequency output. TP or The ‘Twin Pipe’ refers to the internal layout where the drive unit is positioned part way down a folded, tapered column. This exits through the base of the cabinet and is mass loaded by the air trapped between this ‘port’ and the plinth.

The result is deep, tuneful, well-defined bass from speakers that are easily accommodated in a wide variety of room shapes and sizes.

Bass and midrange cones are fashioned from a cocktail of natural fibres that are extremely rigid and light.
This means they are able to perform as a perfect piston at sufficient speeds to track even the most complex of musical scores. The random nature of the grain contributes to an exceptionally inert diaphragm that is free from the resonances and ‘ringing’ of cones fashioned from lesser materials.

All four speakers couple a 25mm textile dome tweeter with an innovative aluminium-core voice coil, delivering a performance that matches or even exceeds the bandwidth possible from metal dome tweeters, whilst avoiding their inherent problems.

Knight 4 Specification:
Floor T-Line
130mm x 2 Woofer
25mm Tweeter
25-150W Recommended Amp. Power
8 Ohms Nominal Impedance
90dB Sensitivity
36Hz – 24kHz Freq. Response
900 x 165 x 270mm

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