Bryston BP16 17 Inch Pre Amplifier

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Manufacturer : Bryston
Model : BP16
Serial Number : 000013
Packaging : Original
Accessories Included : Remote / Manual / Power Cable
Price When New : £TBA

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A well reviewed high quality preamplifier at a bargain price! This BP16 is in excellent condition and comes with 12 months warranty. Also included is an expensive Bryston remote (marked, but fully functional).

Software Control

The BP-16 is a state-of-the-art analog stereo preamplifier, which utilizes ‘software’ control. The software allows Bryston to provide many more features and functions while still adhering to traditional fully discrete analog circuits throughout the preamplifier.

An example of how innovative this new BP-16 is at maintaining the superiority of discrete analog class A circuits while taking advantage of the ‘software control’ is in its new digitally controlled volume. The digitally controlled volume utilizes a resistance network on a chip.

This technology, in reference to the signal path, is still implemented in the analog mode. It offers many advantages, for instance perfect channel balance, a simple integrated balance adjustment without additional parts, practically zero adjustment noises, first class behavior in reference to noise and distortion, as well as adjustment via software.

Even More Features

Other features include RS-232 software control / upgradeable IR Control, two quick-connect 12-volt triggers (one programmable) and a programmable pass-through feature. For top-level audio performance, it incorporates fully discrete analog circuitry, separate power supplies for analog and digital sections, and independent grounds for digital and analog sections.

The BP-16 has six analog inputs, plus a record loop. It provides relay switching on all inputs.